Graphite Rod

graphite rod

Graphite Rod are made of carbon, graphite and appropriate binders, extruded, baked at 2200°C and then plated with a layer of copper. They have high temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity, and are not easy to break.

Graphite Rod are often used in the electric heating body of high temperature vacuum furnaces, the maximum operating temperature can reach 3000 ℃, and it is easy to be oxidized at high temperature. Except for vacuum, it can only be used in neutral atmosphere or reducing atmosphere. Its thermal expansion coefficient is small, thermal conductivity is large, and its resistivity is (8~13) × 10-6 Ω·m. less expensive.

graphite rod

Graphite Rod Mainly Application Area:

1, Graphite components for industrial furnaces
2, Powder metallurgy.
3, Conducting material.

Graphite Rod Size:

Diameter: 0.8-40mm or customization.

Graphite Rod Features:

Strong anti-oxidation, low resistance, corrosion resistance, the operating temperature can reach 1800 degrees Celsius.

Graphite Rod Customization:

1. Processing according to the drawings provided by the customer.
2. Provide parameters such as shape, size, quantity, etc.
3. Confirm the processing technology (cutting, punching, shape, grinding, milling, sawing, etc.)

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