Muffle Furnace Graphite Crucible

graphite crucible

Product Information

This Graphite Crucible is used for muffle furnace.

The main raw material of this crucible is made of high-quality and high-purity graphite, which can make the crucible have a longer service life and can withstand high temperatures of more than 2000 degrees. And can shorten the melting time of metal. This product has external grooves for easy handling and replacement with tools such as crucible tongs.

Note: This crucibles are only suitable for electric furnaces, do not use torches or open flames for heating.

Technical Parameter

Model Outside Diameter(mm) Inside Diameter(mm) Bottom Diameter(mm) Overall Height(mm) The Height Below Groove(mm) Weight(g)
1Kg 65 38 50 125 115 245
2Kg 72 44 55 155 140 330
3Kg 75 50 60 170 150 390
4Kg 88 52 68 180 160 455

Tips: This product can be customized on requirement.

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