China recarburizer market weekly review (8.9-8.13)

China recarburizer market weekly review (8.9-8.13)
Petroleum coke prices continue to rise and continue to support the graphite carbon product market (8.9-8.13)
Affected by the continuous increase in the price of petroleum coke, the price of calcined coke recarburizers rose sharply this week. With the maintenance of petroleum coking plants, limited market supply and good demand, the coke market provides strong support for the recarburizer market , The superimposed recarburizer market is affected by the limited supply of raw materials, so companies are more confident in price.

Graphitized recarburizers are affected by limited graphitization production capacity. The market supply continues to be tight, and under the condition of increased curtailment policies, some generation processing manufacturers have switched their production lines to more profitable negative electrode graphitization processing, which intensifies the recarburizer market Supply is tight, so corporate quotations are firm.

The coal market has recently fallen, but overall coal prices are still at a high level, continuing to support the cost of calcined coal recarburizers, and with limited supply of carbon companies, the market for calcined coal recarburizers is operating strongly and steadily.

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