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Rongxing Group is China’s leading supplier dedicated to providing its customers with quick quotes, superior quality graphite electrode, electrode paste products, competitive prices, and the fastest possible deliveries of carbon metallurgical materials and solutions.

Founded in Zhengzhou in east-central China in 1992, with over 20 years of expertise in the carbon metallurgical industry, the company is committed to research & development, and providing a range of high-quality, innovative, cost-effective carbon metallurgical products and solutions.

Exporting first-class carbon metallurgical products to the world as a mission, as a pilot enterprise of One Belt and One Road initiative pilot enterprise, Rongxing Group grasps the opportunity to vigorously develop overseas markets. Our graphite electrode and electrode paste products have been exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Middle Eastern countries, which enjoys a good reputation.

Reliable Service

Beyond the standard procedure of selling products, we help the customer in many ways. Depending on customer requirements, the company offers services including application-engineering consulting, selection of materials, field supervisors, and much more. This includes identifying a problem before it happens, increasing productivity, training employees on the job, and solving any problems the customer may have at that time. We offer many services including performance analysis, storage in our warehouses, inspection of accessories, and monitoring the furnace.

  • Testing

  • Manufacturing

  • Packaging

  • Shipping

Overseas Warehousing

To establish overseas offices and establish overseas warehousing; Providing warehousing, distribution, and after-sales services to local customers. The scope of distribution can cover multiple countries and neighboring countries without any restrictions.

  • Low logistics costs, direct shipments from overseas to customers at a lower cost.
  • Faster delivery timelines solve the time required for complicated operation procedures such as transportation, customs clearance, which delivers faster and more efficiently. Order processing is more convenient.
  • Providing more thoughtful technical support and after-sales service.

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We are ready to serve as your quality graphite products supplier. Our team has you covered regardless of the quantity, grade, or size of the product you require. You can count on receiving the best value for your investment when you choose our team at Rongxing.

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