China graphite electrode market weekly review (8.9-8.13)

China graphite electrode market weekly review (8.9-8.13)
Petroleum coke prices continue to rise and continue to support the graphite carbon product market (8.9-8.13)
The graphite electrode market performed well this week, with the price of RP graphite electrodes rising slightly, while other products were mainly operating steadily.

The steel market is still in the off-season, but the operating rate of electric furnace steel is relatively stable, basically maintaining around 70%. The production reduction plan of steel mills in the second half of the year is being implemented. Sichuan, Jiangsu and other places have issued relevant production restriction requirements for steel mills. Therefore, steel mills have adopted graphite electrodes. The demand for the graphite electrode market is relatively general, and the stagflation situation of the electrode market appears under the condition of stable production.

At present, it is understood that the quotations of large-scale electrode companies are relatively stable, and there are certain bidding behaviors among small and medium-sized electrode manufacturers. Overall, the market spot accumulation is acceptable, but there are also companies that have greater inventory pressure.

Petroleum coke prices on the raw material end are mainly upward, refinery quotations continue to rise, the coal pitch market remains stable, and the needle coke market is also strong at a high level. The cost end provides certain support for electrode prices.

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