China needle coke market weekly review (8.9-8.13)

China needle coke market weekly review (8.9-8.13)
Petroleum coke prices continue to rise and continue to support the graphite carbon product market (8.9-8.13)
The needle coke market remained stable this week, with little fluctuation in corporate quotations, the supply of long-term orders from large companies was relatively stable, and the inventory of small companies continued to increase.

At present, the price of petroleum coke in the raw material market continues to rise, and the high level of coal tar pitch is temporarily stable. The cost side provides certain support for the price of needle coke; the overall strong operation of downstream graphite electrodes and anode materials has also boosted the needle coke market.

Due to the overhaul of large overseas needle coke companies, high sea freight rates and tight shipping, domestic imported needle coke resources are tight, but the quality of domestic needle coke continues to rise, which has made up for the import demand.

This week, I learned that Jingyang needle coke has won long-term orders from American electrode manufacturers, and China’s needle coke has successfully entered the American market.

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