Weekly Review: Graphite carbon market is functioning well, graphite electrode prices rise again (5.6-5.8)

Weekly Review: Graphite carbon market is functioning well, graphite electrode prices rise again (5.6-5.8)
Graphite electrodes
Recently, the price of graphite electrodes has risen steadily.

The quotations of high-power and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes of the first-tier manufacturers have been raised to more than 20,000 yuan, and the quotations of other manufacturers have been adjusted upwards. At present, the supply of small and medium-sized electrodes in the market is still tight, and some companies have ordered orders to the end of the month. Graphite electrodes companies are more enthusiastic about production and have a positive outlook on the market.

In terms of raw materials, the overall trend remains strong, and the cost side has strong support for electrodes. The increase in the price of graphitization costs has also intensified the cost pressure on some outsourcing graphitization manufacturers. The overall downstream demand has performed well, but as graphite electrodes continue to rise, some manufacturers are waiting to see the market, and the recent real order transactions have performed generally.

Recently, the price of general calcined coal recarburizer has risen. Due to the low level of mining operations in Ningxia, coal supply is tight, and coal prices have continued to rise. The continuous upward trend of upstream products has given a strong boost to the market of general calcined coal recarburizers. Price support has been raised one after another under the support of cost.

Petroleum coke recarburizers are operating steadily, the market supply is stable, the raw materials are operating steadily, and the manufacturers are shipping at stable prices.

The steel market is operating well. Since May, steel prices have shown a continuous upward trend. Steel mills have been actively producing and have good demand for recarburizers. The trade of recarburizers is heating up. The industry is optimistic about the market outlook.

Needle coke
The needle coke market has been operating steadily recently, and manufacturers’ quotations have not fluctuated much.

Recently, some pre-maintenance companies have resumed production, but overall, the operating rate of the coal-based needle coke market is still low, and the tight supply of needle coke in the needle coke market has not improved. At present, the orders of production enterprises are relatively full. Due to the continuous improvement of the graphite electrode market, the price of electrode coke is strong and stable, and the demand for negative electrode is stable. The price of negative electrode coke does not fluctuate much.

Petroleum coke and coal tar pitch are operating at high levels in the raw material market, and the cost side has strong support for needle coke.

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