Weekly Review: Graphite carbon market is functioning well, and the market for recarburizers has differentiated (5.10-5.14)

Weekly Review: Graphite carbon market is functioning well, and the market for recarburizers has differentiated (5.10-5.14)
Graphite electrodes
This week, the price of graphite electrodes has risen steadily.

The prices of small and medium-sized electrodes in the market have maintained a tight supply situation. As the prices of graphite electrodes continue to rise, electrode profits have begun to rise, and the overall mentality of the industry is positive.

In terms of raw materials, petroleum coke has been adjusted steadily, and the high market prices have begun to decrease, but the overall price is still high; transactions in coal tar pitch are slightly stale, and holders are still focusing on price increases; the price of needle coke has remained stable and market supply Tight and orderly; the raw material market still exists despite favorable electrode costs.

Downstream steel prices performed strongly this week. However, as the country’s senior executives paid attention to the decline in black futures prices today, the current spot supply is still tight, and we wait and see the future spot price trends.

The market for different types of recarburizers has diverged this week.

The price of ordinary calcined coal recarburizers has risen in upstream coal prices, and prices have risen under the condition of better demand from downstream steel mills, and recarburizer companies have also embraced the bullish sentiment of the coal market. The market has a positive attitude, and the market is reluctant to sell; the calcined coke recarburizer has declined slightly, and the market supply and demand are basically balanced. However, the price of calcined coke has declined, and the cost-side support for it has weakened, and the low quotations in the market have begun to increase; graphitization has increased Recarburizers have risen to a certain extent, the market supply remains tight, most manufacturers have low inventories, and graphitization processing is due to off-peak electricity prices and production constraints. Graphitized recarburizer manufacturers have a higher intention to increase prices.

Needle coke
The price of needle coke is mainly stable this week.

The needle coke market has been basically stable recently. The manufacturers are actively producing and the downstream demand is good. The needle coke market maintains a tight balance between supply and demand. The recent rise in bulk commodities and the high prices of crude oil and coal have provided strong support to the petroleum coke and coal pitch markets, and the transmission to the downstream needle coke has also been boosted by strong costs.

The downstream graphite electrodes and anode materials have performed strongly following the steel and new energy market, and the demand for raw materials has also maintained well.

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