Weekly Review: Graphite carbon market is stable, raw material petroleum coke is slightly lowered (5.17-5.21)

Weekly Review: Graphite carbon market is stable, raw material petroleum coke is slightly lowered (5.17-5.21)
Graphite electrodes
This week, the price of graphite electrodes remained stable.

At present, the shortage of small and medium-sized electrodes continues, and the production of ultra-high-power large-sized electrodes is also restricted when the supply of imported needle coke is tight. Petroleum coke prices in the upstream raw material market began to decline slowly. Electrode manufacturers were affected by this and wait and see the market sentiment increased. However, coal pitch and needle coke are still operating strongly, and the cost of electrodes still has certain support.

At present, the demand for electrodes at home and abroad is good, and the European market is affected by anti-dumping investigations. Inquiries are active. In the case of domestic encouragement of short-process steelmaking, the demand for electrodes by steel mills also remains high, and the downstream market demand is better.

This week, the price of general calcined coal recarburizer has been raised slightly, benefiting from the high cost of coal market, which has certain support for calcined coal recarburizer. In addition, under the measures of environmental protection and electricity curtailment in Ningxia, the production of carbon companies is limited, and the supply of calcined coal recarburizers is tight, which boosts the psychology of manufacturers to increase prices.

The calcined coke recarburizer remained weak. With Jinxi Petrochemical’s further price reduction notice, the market performance of the recarburizer was sluggish. Some companies began to lower their quotations. The market performance was gradually chaotic, but the overall price is currently basically in the range of 3800-4600 yuan/ton. Inside.

Graphitization recarburizers are supported by the cost of graphitization. Although the price of petroleum coke has been lowered, the market supply is tight, and manufacturers have a strong mentality to maintain high prices.

Needle coke
The needle coke market remained strong and steady this week, market trading was basically stable, and companies were less willing to adjust prices.

Recently, it has been understood that there is a certain supply shortage in the needle coke market, the orders of production enterprises are full, and the imported needle coke is tight, which affects the production of large-size electrodes to a certain extent. The production and sales of anode materials continue to remain high, benefiting from the high demand from downstream battery factories, the orders of anode companies are good, and the demand for coke production has also remained high.

At present, petroleum coke in the raw material market is high and the coal pitch remains strong. The cost side continues to be positive for the needle coke market.

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