Weekly Review: Graphite carbon market is stable, the overall industry preference operation (5.31-6.4)

Weekly Review: Graphite carbon market is stable, the overall industry preference operation (5.31-6.4)
Graphite electrodes
Graphite electrode prices have been running steadily this week.

Although the price of low-sulfur coke has fallen more recently, the rising trend of coal pitch prices has remained unchanged. Needle coke is also strong, and the supply of imported needle coke is in short supply in the later period, so the raw materials are facing The graphite electrode support still exists. In addition, the production cycle of graphite electrodes is long, and the products currently on the production line are produced with high-priced raw materials in the early stage, and the pressure of high-cost early-stage is always present.

Electric furnace steel is currently operating at a high level. In terms of export, European economic recovery and anti-dumping investigations are affecting corporate procurement inquiries. Under the Indian epidemic, Southeast Asia may increase the demand for Chinese electrodes, and the demand for graphite electrodes has performed well.

According to surveys, some companies have slightly lowered the prices of individual specifications of electrodes, but the overall price is still stable. People are waiting more for fluctuations in raw materials, and the overall market mentality is positive.

The recarburizer market has been operating steadily this week.

Environmental inspections in Ningxia and the continued decline in anthracite prices have weakened the cost support of calcined coal recarburizers. However, market supply is limited, downstream demand is good, and companies have a clear mindset of high prices and stable prices.

The price of calcined coke recarburizer is lowered by the price of calcined coke, and the supply of raw materials in the market increases in the later period. There is still room for the price of calcined coke recarburizer to fall.

The limited output of the graphitization process has always affected the increase in the supply of graphitization recarburizers. Under the situation of tight market supply, the company’s quotations are firm and the market attitude is positive.

Needle coke
The recarburizer market was operating steadily this week, with no major fluctuations in corporate quotes.

Under the influence of dual control of energy consumption in Ningxia, the production of carbon companies is limited. Some companies sell pre-stocks at low prices, and the prices of new products are basically stable.

In terms of upstream raw materials, the prices of anthracite and petroleum coke have stabilized weakly, and the cost support of recarburizers has weakened. However, the production capacity of graphitization substituting processing is tight, and the prices are relatively strong. The cost support of graphitization recarburizers is relatively strong.

The overall performance of downstream demand is acceptable, steel mills are enthusiastic about production during the peak season, and the current scrap price is still rising, which is good for the market consumption of recarburizers.

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