Weekly Review: Graphite & carbon market in China maintains stable operation, industry mentality is stable (5.24-5.28)

Weekly Review: Graphite & carbon market in China maintains stable operation, industry mentality is stable (5.24-5.28)
Graphite electrodes
The graphite electrode market is operating well this week.

The price of low-sulfur coke continues to fall, triggering a wait-and-see sentiment among electrode manufacturers. It is understood that some manufacturers have slightly lowered the prices of ultra-high-power large-size electrodes, and some manufacturers have adjusted the prices of beryllium copper power electrodes, but most manufacturers’ quotations have remained firm. The wait-and-see market sentiment is strong. At present, coal tar pitch and needle coke are still operating strongly, and there is a rising trend in the market outlook, and the cost end supports strong electrode support.

In terms of market supply and demand, there is still a gap in the supply of small and medium-sized electrodes. Environmental inspections and limited graphitization capacity have made it difficult for the electrode market to reach full production. However, downstream demand remains good, domestic and foreign procurement enthusiasm is high, and the electrode market is also strongly improved.

The recarburizer market has been operating steadily this week.

Environmental inspections in Ningxia and the continued decline in anthracite prices have weakened the cost support of calcined coal recarburizers. However, market supply is limited, downstream demand is good, and companies have a clear mindset of high prices and stable prices.

The price of calcined coke recarburizer is lowered by the price of calcined coke, and the supply of raw materials in the market increases in the later period. There is still room for the price of calcined coke recarburizer to fall.

The limited output of the graphitization process has always affected the increase in the supply of graphitization recarburizers. Under the situation of tight market supply, the company’s quotations are firm and the market attitude is positive.

Needle coke
The needle coke market continued its early stability this week.

The domestic needle coke supply has maintained a tight balance, and the overseas needle coke supply has also shown a tight pattern. The needle coke market is in short supply to a certain extent. Enterprises are highly motivated to produce and willing to increase prices. Too strong.

The downstream carbon market is generally strong. Graphite electrodes are gaining momentum. Companies are actively purchasing cooked coke. The demand for anode materials is high, which stimulates green coke sales. The downstream market is positive for the positive development of the needle coke market.

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